Three Chambered Micro Bat


Our Three Chambered Micro Bat Box is designed to suit the numerous species of micro bats that are native to Australia. Although their eyesight is quite good, the bats locate the nest box using echolocation, via the small front hole. We have 2, 3 and 4 chambered bat boxes available for purchase.
We can also custom design our bat boxes to fit under bridges and causeways. For this, we recommend our Cyplas (recycled plastic) boxes due to the often damper conditions.
Although this box is designed to target a specific species, like all natural hollows, the boxes are multi species use.
All boxes come ready made and with their Habisure System™ attached for installation.

Contact us if you have any enquiries or would like a quote on installation.

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3 Ch Bat Plywood Angle
Three Chambered Micro Bat