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Presentations and Nest Box Building

Hollow Log Homes offer an extensive range of workshops. Each workshop can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the group. These workshops can be conducted in your venue, or at our workshop site in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

The popular Build-your own Box workshops runs for 3-4 hours and covers many topics including installation, building and species identification in a fun fact filled environment. Build your Own Box Workshops can be designed to suit any age group from lower primary school to adults or mixed family groups.

Audio visual workshops are jam packed with information on hollow dependant fauna, the importance of habitat trees and tips and strategies to increase species diversity. We also have Found Object workshops – these workshops show fun ways to create nesting boxes for Australian wildlife using discarded /recycled items found around the home.

Each workshop can be designed to suit the needs of the participants, whether it be; Land For Wildlife land holders, primary or secondary school students, universities or private companies who wish to foster their employees knowledge of the natural world. Our educators have over 40 years experience as well as degrees in Environmental studies and Education. All educators are blue card approved.

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