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Ladder Safe and Tree Climbing

Hollow Log Homes provides both ladder safe and tree climbing installation methods across Australia. Each box is fitted with our very own Habisure System™ that not only provides room for the tree to grow for years to come but also saves time and money when installing. Our ladder safe methods of installation is time efficient and all of our installers have completed working at heights courses as well as extensive training in the field. Our ladders are tailor made to increase safety and limit risk to our qualified installers. The safety of our co-workers is our upmost priority.

We do also understand some worksites cannot accomodate installations using ladders. Contact us today for a quote on our tree climbing installation prices.

If your nest box program requires a more extensive installation we can provide GPS coordinates of each box using the most up to date and accurate technology. Booking an Audit in the first 6 months after installation is also a good way to get base figures for subsequent audits.

Each installation job requires a tailored quote to suit; the site conditions, location, terrain, number of boxes being installed and type of installation method. Contact our friendly staff for a quote.

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