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Auditing and Monitoring

Hollow Log Homes offers extensive auditing and monitoring programs. Each nest box, when installed is mapped using the most accurate and up to date technology. Data base information is collected such as tree species, DBH, height of tree, box height, species usage.  Hollow Log Homes has developed a safe and nonintrusive form of auditing where we use tailor made poles to check inside the boxes from the ground via a wifi enabled digital camera. We record the interior of the box and analyse species present and/or recent species use. These findings are then entered into a comprehensive report. Photographs and/or videos from this audit are supplied separately and can be used for educational or promotional purposes, as well as being a valuable resource for future nest box applications.

We recommend annual audits of boxes, this helps to negate any problems that may arise, such as termite activity or pest species, it also has the added advantage of helping to maintaining the longevity of boxes.

Each monitoring program can be tailored to any job specifications, please contact our friendly staff for a quote.

Glider Audit