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Hollow Log Homes

Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of quality nesting boxes for wildlife.

A family owned and operated business, Hollow Log Homes was founded by Alan and Stacey Franks in February 1999. Their shared passion for protecting Australian wildlife and their understanding for the desperate need for artificial nesting hollows was the driving force behind their extensive research into designing, building, and providing some of the most successful nesting boxes for hollow dependant fauna.

Alan Franks, holding a market stall in 1999

Alan Market

Previously, many of the nesting hollows available for purchase in Australia were based off European or North American designs, which were poorly researched and built, and were not suited to Australian environmental conditions or our wildlife. In conjunction with data from university and government research scientists, Alan and Stacey established a comprehensive set of criteria for nest boxes for native wildlife that takes into consideration various animal species and their habitat requirements. Alan and Stacey’s vision for protecting wildlife by providing safe nesting boxes is continued on by their daughter, Dominique and her partner Wes, who are now leading the family business.

At Hollow Log Homes, all our nesting boxes are hand built by qualified craftsmen right here on the Sunshine Coast. Our primary focus is on using quality materials that aid in the longevity of the nesting box, which is why each hollow log home is manufactured using sustainably sourced hardwood ply, and more recently, food grade recycled plastic (Cyplas).

With regular auditing and maintenance, our premium quality nest boxes have an expected lifespan of over 20 + years. Each unique design has been trialled extensively in the field and has only been released as a product when we have recorded successful nesting and/or denning of the target species it was designed for. As such, we offer species-specific nesting boxes for Australian birds and other wildlife such as microbats, gliders and possums, and dasyurids.

We strive to ensure that our nesting boxes are to the highest standard, with research remaining an ongoing aspect of our business. We’re always searching for innovative design ideas, with new nest boxes being designed and trialled all the time. Part of our research involves not only designing new nesting hollows, but also auditing boxes and working to scientific documentation in conjunction with scientists, ecologists and councils. Hollow Log Homes are a preferred supplier amongst councils, scientists, ecologists, universities, land care and environmental groups throughout Australia.